Updates from the team

solHello everyone! As you have guessed, there has not been much activity in the garage for a while. The reason is that we take a break this year to do other things. The plan is to come back next year. Until then, we want our competitors a superb season, and the rest of you a great spring and summer!

See you later!


Season greetings

Last season 2013Sunday 13th of October 2013:
After a rather short season, the car is ready to be put away for the winter. Fuel system flushed of E-85, and then engine started on oil/gasoline mix.
Got a new PB with 8.57 and 265km/h,
but lots more in the car.

The proturbo team would like to thank everybody that makes this possible. Of course friends and family, and our sponsors Gik Turbo A/S, Bugpack Parts, Toten Sveis & Montasje and WebogApps.no.

Last start season 2013

The season is over

Great Car!Saturday 28th of September 2013: We haven´t updated our website and fansite at FB, because it hasn´t happened so much since SCC. The planned trip to Kjula last weekend was cancelled because of to much work at work for Stian. Now the season is over, and we will use this winter and spring next year to make the car better for the stronger engine.
Stay tuned, we will be back with updates!:-)

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